Australian Technology Showcase Seminars
These full length seminars were provided to a live audience. The aim of the seminars was to provide comprehensive and pragmatic education on a range of critical management issues to an audience of entrepreneurs, their senior management and their advisors.
High Growth Strategy
Growth occurs when there is a match between external and internal business conditions. It is not sufficient to be good in one area of business, such as a great product or an excellent management team. The lessons of history show us that there are many aspects of the business that have to come together in the right way at the right time for the business to have growth potential. If the business is weak in any one area, it will undermine the overall performance of the entire strategy – and this is why sustainable high growth is so difficult to achieve. However, the entrepreneur that has a good understanding of growth principles, has a much higher chance of driving both higher profitability and higher growth.

Growth Video
14 Principles of High Growth Ventures : Youtube Videos
Financial Management for High Growth
These days have having Financial Management systems in place in fairly straight forward. It is having the processes in place to correctly understand and interpret the data at hand that allows Entrepreneurs in High Growth Businesses to make informed and strategic decisions about the future of the venture. 
Financial Management Video
Marketing for High Growth
Entrepreneurs who have high growth potential ventures need to develop marketing strategies for their business which fuel the growth potential they have. They need to move beyond basic marketing techniques with its focus on closing sales to a focus on developing long term relationships with customers. Their primary aim must be to develop customer experiences which promote repeat sales and referrals.
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Capital Raising
Want to understand more about the capital raising process? These resources will take you through the process of raising private equity finance, helping you to measure how well prepared you are to engage with potential investors as well as their likelihood of meeting the requirements for angel investment or venture capital.
Capital Raising Video
Exit Strategies
Businesses which create value by developing an asset or capability which could be exploited by a large corporation achieve an exit through a trade sale to a strategic buyer. Strategic value is created through intellectual property or deep expertise which creates a sustainable competitive advantage in the hands of the strategic buyer. It is the strategic buyer who exploits the growth potential through an extensive distribution network.
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