Dr. McKaskill provides a wide range of standard workshops, seminars and speeches intended for entrepreneurs and their advisors to help them develop, grow and harvest entrepreneurial ventures.

Topics are supported by the books published by Dr. McKaskill which provide robust and pragmatic guidance to manage these processes.

Dr. McKaskill has facilitated topics for a wide range of corporate, institutions and associations including KPMG, PWC, Westpac Bank, the Entrepreneurs Organisation, TEC, AICD, several venture capital firms and a number of government development organisations.
Exit Strategies
Dr. McKaskill developed the theory and process for strategic value trade sale exits. He has also developed a process for enhancing the exit value for conventional financial trade sale exits.
Acquisition Strategies
Growth Strategies
Most acquisitions fail to deliver positive shareholder value. Dr. McKaskill has developed a comprehensive and pragmatic approach for high growth ventures which substantially improves acquisition outcomes.
Dr. McKaskill has combined his 20 years as a successful serial entrepreneur with the entrepreneurship and venture capital theory and practice to develop a robust growth framework for high growth potential ventures.
Angel Investing
Raising Angel & VC Finance
Based on a comprehensive review of the theory and practice of angel investing and his personal experience with angel investors and as a former member of an angel group, Dr. McKaskill has written an ebook to assist new angel investors to become successful investors.
This is a pragmatic guide for high growth potential entrepreneurs wishing to obtain angel or venture capital finance. It is widely recommended by angel and venture capital associations in multiple countries.