Tom McKaskill

Entrepreneur    Educator   Author

Global serial entrepreneur, educator, author and angel investor advisor, Dr McKaskill is an authority on how entrepreneurs start, develop and harvest their ventures.

He is the world’s expert on exit strategies for high growth enterprises. His experience includes multiple start-ups in the UK and USA, raising venture capital twice, undertaking two acquisitions and strategic trade sales of three businesses.

His academic career concluded with his appointment as the Richard Pratt Chair in Entrepreneurship at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship. Dr. McKaskill is the author of 23 business books covering such topics as new venture growth, raising venture capital, selling a business, acquisitions strategy and angel investing. These are available free on

Dr McKaskill is also an author of children’s books and adult fiction. He has published 17 children’s books for 7- 12 year olds. He has also published 6 adult fiction books featuring commercial fraud cases. These books are available on the ebook publishing platforms Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

Ultimate Growth Strategies: A Practical Guide to Engineer High Growth into Your Business.

Sustained growth is rare. You need both favourable product/market conditions as well as superior management. This book sets out the 14 principles of high growth and how to achieve it. In order to achieve sustained high growth you must attain high scores on each of these principles. The book sets out a plan for identifying your weakness on each of these principles and a plan for improving your growth potential.


Ultimate Exits: The Secret Behind Selling Entrepreneurial Ventures At Staggering Prices.

This book provides a detailed examination of the exit preparation process in financial and strategic venture exits. The major recommendation in the book is that entrepreneurs need to prepare the business for sale by focusing on the manner in which the buyer extracts value from it, which is the critical factor in determining a very high exit value. Understanding how value is created, how buyers perceive risks in the business and how buyers will exploit its potential are the drivers of a preparation program for selling the business.


Make Millions From Your Business: 101 Tips For Success.

Make Millions From Your Business will help every entrepreneur not only build a more successful business, but also provides the basis for wealth creation. 80% of multi-millionaires created their wealth through participating in entrepreneurial ventures as founders, employees or shareholders. In this book I have set out what I consider to be the 101 rules for survival, growth and profitability of a business.